May 18


…I just couldn’t eat something so…

Arr! what’s that? Because it look’s disgusting. eat it! no! I will not! no eat it! eat it! everyone cheered eat it! no way! I’m out of here! oh-no you don’t! ow everyone is chasing me. I got in the car and drove off they got in cars too and proceeded to chase me so I went into a place so you can go as fast as you want. then I went 300,000,000 km per hour they started going 3,000,000 km per hour I was clearly going faster then them I got away really quick.

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May 8

About Me Page

Hi my name is Finn  I am a student of 3/4 A my teacher has a blog too! go check it out click here

In my free time I play soccer and football and after I play i get really hungry and like to eat noodles, pasta and pizza! At school I like science, writing and reading. I am in grade 4. on the weekend I like to play on my Play Station 3! after that I eat ice cream and choclate. My favorite footy team is Essendon. I am also in a soccer team!